08. Other Services


This part describes other services which are not part of the architect’s preliminary and basic services described in Part 1 but which may be provided to augment them.

  • Make measured surveys, take levels and prepare plans of sites and buildings.
  • Make inspections, prepare reports or give general advice on the condition of premises.
  • Make structural surveys to ascertain whether there are defects in the walls, roofs, floors, drains or other parts of a building which may materially affect its safety, life and value.
  • Take particulars on site; prepare specification and/or schedules for repairs or restoration work and inspect their execution.
  • Make an inspection or valuation for mortgage or other purposes.
  • Prepare special drawings, models or technical information for the use of the client.
  • Provide services in connection with demolition works.
  • Design or advise on the selection of furniture and fittings; prepare detailed designs for works of special quality.
  • Provide services in connection with landscape and garden design.
  • Prepare schedules of rates or schedules of quantities for tendering purposes; value work executed where no quantity surveyor is appointed. Fees for this work are recommended to be in accordance with the professional charges of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Provide services in connection with structural, mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Provide information; make applications for and conduct negotiations in connection with local authority, government or other grants.
  • Conduct exceptional negotiations with planning authority.
  • Prepare and submit an appeal under planning acts; advise on other work in connection with planning appeals.
  • Conduct exceptional negotiations for approvals under building acts or regulations; negotiate waivers or relaxations.
  • Submit plans of proposed building works for approvals of landlords, mortgagors, freeholders or others.
  • Advise on the rights and responsibilities of owners or lessees including rights of light, rights of support and rights of way; provide information; undertake any negotiations.
  • Provide services in connection with party wall negotiations.
  • Provide specially prepared drawings of a building ‘as built’.

Other Services (Part 2) are normally charged on a time or lump sum basis.