Home making is the centre of an architect’s craft.

A home is a centre for personal and family life,
a place of calmness, inspiration, safety and comfort,
a centre for sleeping, eating, play, leisure, managing the household and being-without-thinking,
an expression of our values: formal, informal, traditional, contemporary,
a place where furniture, artworks, clothes, gifts, books, objects of significance and importance in our personal history and life journey reside,
a place for entertaining friends,
a place to recover,
a place to create new plans,
a place where we make relationships to each other, to the city and to nature.

Today’s homes are technology-enabled, energy efficient, adaptable and sustainable.

They are also valuable – habitable space is valuable territory, even though we can only occupy it for a while. The global economy rests on: households. Even so: “wherever I lay my hat – that’s my home…”

Each project reflects the site’s history, landscape, and character, as well as the character, lifestyle and architectural ambition of the commissioning clients.

Residential Work Examples

You can download our residential portfolio for private clients here.

House, Wimbledon - Exterior
House, Wimbledon - Exterior - Night