What Others Say About Us

Mark Dickens, bursar, Cumnor House School on the Hovels:

“Sympathetic with the atmosphere of the school and designed from the start with children in mind. Impressive, stylish, practical building popular with staff, parents and pupils. It completely fulfils our requirements and we look forward to new developments with MBA.”

John Sharkey, consultant advisor to public sector employers:

“MBA … I can count this on a few fingers after decades commissioning architects, give the client what they have actually asked for.”

Rob Godman, composer and acoustic explorer :

“The piece was subtle – worked well. I couldn’t help but think of the Vitruvian vessels’

Matt Rogalsky composer, contributor of drones, and digital wildlife:

“I very much enjoyed… the experience of your niches.”

Andrew Lovett, composer and festival director, Cambridge Digital Arts Festival :

“The installation was magical and provided exactly the right atmosphere for other magical things to occur.”

Marcus Peel, photographer:

“Marcus Beale Architects approach every new project with great sensitivity and deep historical reference. This in turn is juxtaposed with boldness and occasional controversy which only sparks even more interest and intrigue to those I speak to on site during my shoots. They are non-conformists and always achieve a unique look to each new creation. As a result every shoot encounters a different approach from the choice of equipment used to the people who aid my every step of the way from dawn to dusk. I relish every moment of the challenge.”

The glazed stairwell of 60 Parker Street, Holborn, London at dusk during winter.