A Pause For Thought

A child asks “What do architects do?” “We draw pictures of buildings and people build them.” This sinks in. “I am going to be an architect!” It is a wonderful profession – the result of the work is built – presents every day. But it is not without frustrations and difficulties – and we have a big task – half of energy consumption is through buildings, and construction is wasteful. We must tackle these issues – buildings mirror the culture that creates them.

Architects take their place within a construction industry meeting a requirement for habitation. In the UK, the profession requires a minimum seven years training (and then at least another five or six before you become fluent at your work) the ability to stretch when deadlines need to be met, impartiality, tact, to be a team player,  leadership, and a sense of humour. It’s a vocation, like being a teacher or musician. You have to want to build. However far you look there are always new and better ways – construction is the art of the possible.

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