The real experts about a place are not the professionals but the people who live and work there. Often they do not have a voice, there is no neutral ground in which people can suggest ideas for improvement and comment on proposed development.

For this reason we have actively embraced participation in our own backyard – since 1999 we have supported local urban design initatives, and held workshops bringing citizens and decision-makers together through the Wimbledon Civic Forum’s Urban Design Task Force.

For a flavour of the initatives locally in Wimbledon, see the Urban Design Task Force messageboard.

Marcus Beale is currently chairman of the Wimbledon Civic Forum.

Topics have included

  • The London Plan
  • Public Space
  • Nelson Hospital
  • Merton Priory (2)
  • Merton Priory (1)
  • Wimbledon Town Centre
  • Wimbledon Park
  • Raynes Park (2)
  • Raynes Park 1
  • YMCA redevelopment
  • Visions for Wimbledon (3)
Wimbledon Civic Forum - Screenshot