Jowett Walk, Merton College

In 1990-1 Marcus Beale was invited to compete for the design of new quads at Jowett Walk, Oxford, for Merton College. Marcus worked for Sam Lloyd, and GLA put some heavyweight talent into the submission, coming up with a balanced scheme of three unequal quads with a pavilion in the largest; in ashlar, timeless, uniquely Merton with a design life of centuries. The design came second.

As a result of this design, MBA were asked in 1993 to participate in the successful built project at Quaking Bridge in Oxford. This project was completed in October 1995. Steve Bagland, also from Green Lloyd Architects was the commissioning architect.

Proposed Development

Top – plan view of the proposed development, Holywell Street is at the top and Jowett walk at the bottom of the picture.

Bottom – a view of the proposed scheme from the south west. The entrance to the scheme is from Holywell Street (foreground), leading to the entrance quad, with undergraduate accommodation in the larger quad to the right, and graduate accommodation in the small quad to the left.

Project Architect
Marcus Beale
Job Architect
Marcus Beale, Sam Lloyd, David Emond, David Hill

Oxford, UK
Jowett Walk - Merton College, Oxford - Mockup
Jowett Walk - Merton College, Oxford - Mockup