Burn Bullock

The Burn Bullock is a grade II listed building sited prominently on the western corner of Mitcham Cricket Green.  The building incorporates fine timber framed structures from about 1580, attached to a grand 18th century Inn with some early 20th century alterations.

In August 2016 MBA were instructed by Phoenix Grp Investments Ltd, owners of the site, to appraise the site and its setting, prepare concept plans for development, and consult with the local community and planning authority. Following a public consultation in November 2016 and pre-application advice from the London Borough of Merton, MBA prepared revised designs for the site which were consulted with the local authority, local community in Summer 2018.

The proposals are for a comprehensive development for the whole site including the Burn Bullock and the Mitcham Cricket pavilion.

The scheme:

  • retains and extends the cricket pavilion
  • provides a new 70 bed hotel
  • retains the Burn Bullock as a pub/restaurant
  • converts its upper floors to conference rooms and offices for the hotel
  • provides a new landscaped yard at the west of the site overlooking the Cricket Green.

Public Consultation

A public exhibition and consultation was held at the Vestry Hall on Monday 25 June 2018.  The purpose of the exhibition was to inform, consult and gain feedback from the local community on the proposed development.  At the meeting the following was agreed:

The developers will negotiate a lease or freehold with the cricket club to take effect once planning permission has been achieved for the whole site. (The reason for this is that  it is a comprehensive development in which all three parts club pub and hotel rely on each other. If the cricket club put a fence around its land it would prevent development.

Meetings are scheduled with the Cricket Club and with the local MP over the coming weeks. The first meeting took place on 28 June.

On 13 July 2018 MBA issued the following press release to the Evening Standard. This gives a good summary of the state of play.


Phoenix Group Investments own the Burn Bullock site which includes the cricket pavilion and the grade II Listed Burn Bullock, which closed in 2009 and is currently on the heritage at risk register.

Phoenix are now working with development partners Westbury Investments.

Marcus Beale Architects have been engaged to develop a comprehensive plan for developing the site, which includes

– Repairing the Cricket Club and extending it so that its facilities meet the requirements of Sport England.
– Repairing the Burn Bullock and returning it to use as a pub
– Developing a new hotel at the rear of the site
– A comprehensive landscape plan.
The three parts of the development rely on each other to create synergy.
The Cricket Club formerly leased their site from the freeholders. This lease has now lapsed. The owners are willing to renew the lease, or to sell the freehold, once a comprehensive plan for the site has been agreed. They are not willing to renew the lease before this, because if the cricket club put a fence around their part of the site it would prevent the development of the site as a whole.
At a public meeting on 25 June it was agreed to:
– Negotiate the terms of a lease ready for it to be implemented once planning permission is achieved
– Set up regular meetings between the site owners and the cricket club, the first of which happened on 28 June.
At the meeting of 28 June the developers and the cricket club agreed that:
– their aspirations for the site are shared, and that
– there is the opportunity, if we work together, to achieve a sustainable future for the site as a whole.
 On 6 July we met with the local MP Siobahn McDonagh and Councillor Russell Makin to keep them informed.
They are both supportive of the scheme in principle.
The Burn Bullock is a prominent and important site within Mitcham and has the potential to act as a positive force for regenerating the wider area.
To take part in the consultation please download the proposals and feedback form from the links below, and send your feedback to: mba@marcus-beale.co.uk by Friday 6 July 2018.