Oriel College, Oxford Chapel Re-opens with Thanksgiving Service

Saturday, 17 January 2015 / Projects

Oriel College Chapel reopened on 17 January 2015 with a service of rededication and thanksgiving after a programme of repairs and alterations. Work included redecorating the ceiling in trompe l’oiel coffer vaults, re-lighting the interior with purpose made stands for the stalls, and adjustments to improve accessibility and safety. Director of chapel music Dr David Maw says this of the space:

‘For the choir, the Chapel is a space for both physical and acoustical interaction. The recent work has enhanced the choir’s experience of this space in both dimensions. The removal of extraneous furnishings and the restoration of surfaces has refocused the sight-lines of the Chapel, giving the Choir a clearer place within them. So the choir’s central role in the ceremonial of liturgical rite – in processions and in leading participation – has been enhanced. Cleaned and repainted walls and ceiling and the opening of the Oratory have developed the Chapel’s acoustic. The warmth and intimacy of the environment remain, but there is a new brilliance that is telling in the choral sound. We are all delighted with the work.’

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