Work has started on a major refurbishment project at the Rhodes Building, High Street Oxford, directly opposite St Mary’s tower. We are creating a new mathematical, folded ‘origami’ copper roof over an Edwardian baroque building, adding an extra floor, and altering the facade at ground level to create a more welcoming elevation and views from the High Street into Oriel College, adding a lift, and re-landscaping St Mary’s Quad to make the college more accessible and create opportunities for theatre and May balls. The building, by Basil Champneys, another Trinity Cambridge architect, is Grade II* listed. The project will complete in 2014.

Consultation on 15-16 March at the Assembly Rooms St Leonards on Sea attracted 121 residents. A public Forum held at Hastings Town Hall on 18 March was similarly well attended, with valuable comments from residents, councillors and others to help shape the detailed proposals for the new development.

A delicious project for an architect singer, to design acoustically transparent, visually quiet music stands in a grade I listed College Chapel. This is the latest in a series of projects for Oriel College Oxford. MBA are working with Opus Magnum Joinery, who also made MBA’s Oriel Library furniture.

MBA have designed an extension to the London Road Cemetery in Mitcham for the London Borough of Merton.

The scheme allows the cemetery to expand into a southern spur of land, gradually, the ground being used as allotments until it is needed for burial. The layout allows a simple orientation across the site and reinforces the centrality of the chapel.

Our specialist conservation arm are carrying out a programme of repairs and improvements to the landmark Staple Inn on High Holborn, London.

Saturday, 4 August 2012 / Projects

Pantin Library on site

The Pantin Library at Oriel College Oxford is now on site. It expands the College library onto the Grade I Listed St Mary’s Hall, involving a complex reordering of environment, security and routes within the College. It unveils a new purpose made adaptable desks and working system designed by MBA and executed by Opus Magnum Joinery. The project resulted from the Oriel College Conservation Management Plan (Stow&Beale) and the MBA Master Plan. It has been the subject of much participation and consultation, including learned discussion on the educational use of the colour red. Completes October 2012.

Merton Priory Trust releases plans on 1 August 2012 for the most subtle, surreal piece of community archaeology yet. It involves taking down a wall, lifting some finishes, and allowing a previous building footprint and logic to shine through. And a bit more…

“It’s like a mega-version of lifting a rug and finding a tile pattern underneath. A pattern involving William Morris and Thomas Becket, and the first statute in the statute book of England”

Marcus Beale

For a good briefing see Current Archaeology August 2012.

Marcus Peel Photography has completed a photo shoot at the UCL School of Pharmacy Library. MBA have now completed four projects for the School of Pharmacy in London.

The construction of the King’s College School pavilion continues apace. It is being recorded by a live webcam.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011 / Projects

Holy Trinity Clapham

MBA have been working with Holy Trinity Clapham on a conservation-heritage programme of alterations and improvements to the church, including landscape, accessibility, internal reordering, and a new extension to form meeting rooms and a cafe at the east end of the church.